Thursday, 7 January 2010

New Ring Design

Since I first came across spinner rings I have found them fascinating, Nic of Murano Silver recently showed one that she made which reminded me how much I like them and I put together a little flickr gallery of them. All fired up from that I decided I need to make my own version, that included both Sterling and glass so after a 3 or 4 "not entirely successful" attempts at an off mandrel boro ring I succeeded and this is the result

What do you think ?


Mel P said...

I LOVE it, really beautiful xxx

Nicola said...

I think it's bloomin GORGEOUS
that's what I think and you must have the lightest touch in the world.
I smash my rings so hard when I flare the edges the glass would be in shards ;^)
This is wonderful!

Becky said...

Thank you both ! And thanks Nic for the compliment and the inspiration :o)