Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Busy day

I have just come in. I have been having a mega day outside working away.

Have I got lots to show for it ??

Well I have a couple of commissions done, I have made the acquaintance of a new heart press that I have on loan and I have made lots and lots of cabachons. I have also capped and cored some beads and done a couple of other bits of overdue metal work so yes I guess I have.

Im looking forward to my next torch time hugely, on Monday I spent the day having a class with Claudia Trimbur Pagel of Glasting fame which was a fantastic day and has left me with a mass of ideas I want to try out, isnt it just great when you're all fired up ready to go ! I cant wait to see the class beads when they arrive either, not sure mine will be that great but we tried gold painting as well murrini making and learning some of Claudia's other techniques so it will be fun to see how it all turned out.

I got some lovely post today, do you remember back in April the Random Acts of Kindness post where I mentioned I had been lucky enough to be chosen to recieve a little something from the lovely Kerry of Kab's Creative Concepts, well today it arrived ! I have a fab and funky pendant with one of Kerry's lovely vibrant beads, great timing for cheering me up as it arrived just as it started to snow. Again.


beaujolaisbeads said...

Lovely pendant Becky

Coburg Crafts said...

It's a fabulous pendant, Becky. And as you say, brings cheer on these dull and damp days.

As yours is a blog I read regularly and really enjoy, I am passing on the Sunshine Award to you.

See my blog for details.

Coburg Crafts

Take care,