Sunday, 31 January 2010

Its been another busy week, I have been back "home" to Manchester for a very quick visit. I got to see my Mum the day after her birthday and we went for a celebratory afternoon tea at Cloud 23. I love afternoon tea and this was all rather yummy with lots of different cakes and sandwiches, a very good way to celebrate a birthday !!

As well as eating lots of cake we spent quite a while admiring the view and working out where our favorite places were (and the fact we could actually see the car from where we were which was quite impressive!!) I didnt have my camera with me but did get some shots on my phone, shown stitched together -

Quite impressive isnt it !! So yes, that is one of the reasons I dont have any beady photos to share but I promise there will be lots of those very soon !


Mel P said...

What a fab way to celebrate a birthdya, I loves a high tea me!Glad that you had a super weekend xxx

Karen said...

wow your tea looks yummy, great photo