Wednesday, 6 January 2010


Yes, like so many people in the UK we have snow, lots of snow, so much so we are snowed in !! Pickle cat and I went out this morning in the garden to play as he likes to chase snowballs and he's is so cute when he does that, that i had to take photos of him and managed to get a little sequence which I animated -

Isnt he cute !! Anyway as I havent been able to go out to work today I have been out in the garage making some beads, which, fingers crossed I think are going to be good ones in a new style !! so keep you eyes out for pictures sometime tomorrow !

Hope you are wrapped up nice and snug somewhere warm and the weather isnt causing you too much stress !


CeeGee Jewellery Design said...

He's gorgeous! What a beautiful moggy :).

n4princessbead said...

I just love him! You've done such an amazing job - I can almost feel his lovely fluffy fur in my hands! What a happy cat!